Let's be honest, things are getting more dangerous.


A gun is a great self defense weapon. But what many people don't understand is; it is really hard to pull your concealed carry out when an attacker is bearing down on you. Experts say you need 21 feet between you and your attacker to be able to draw you weapon and fire before they can get to you and stop you (or worse). Mythbusters even did a show on it and confirmed it.


We want to be able to help concealed carry permit owners to cut that down. We want to make this training available as quickly and affordable as possible. This is why we are hosting this training at our academy on Saturday, October 8th.

What can you expect to learn in this seminar?

+In the first 15 minutes you will learn the number one way to keep yourself safe in public!

+You will learn the quickest ways to draw your concealed carry, and the best way to draw one handed!

+You will learn how and why the 21 foot rule works, and how to cut that down to almost nothing!

+You will learn how to get to your gun even if someone is sitting on top of you!

And More! Come join us for the seminar!

It's Only $10 each!

We are located at:

28 W. 4th St

Lexington, NC 27292

That's right behind Char's Restaurant!

Time: 6pm - 8pm

You need to bring your gun with your concealed carry holster and NO ammo!