Martial Arts Classes Are The Best Way To Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential!

Our Martial Arts Classes

in Lexington, NC

Builds Kids Confidence.


My name is Brian Moretz. I have been teaching martial arts for 17 years. Our school is named Impact Martial Arts Academy for a reason; I want to make an impact on the lives of each and every child that comes in our doors. I love to hear how our program has made a positive impact on the lives of our students. There are so many things martial arts can help with:

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Martial Arts has a wonderful built-in confidence builder… the belt system! As kids progress from one belt to the next, they are literally able to SEE how far they have come along. This organically builds the confidence of children, and even adults. When a child’s confidence is built artificially, it is fragile, and can come crashing down easily. As their confidence is built over time through seeing their progress, it is much stronger and will stand stronger against opposition. 


Martial arts is a physical discipline and to progress to the next belt level you must apply yourself. For students to do well in our martial arts program, they must apply themselves, often with a focus and determination they have not known before. To see results, students must discipline themselves to practice so they will progress. As I have seen in my own life, if you are disciplined in one aspect of your life it spills over into other areas of your life as well. 

Focus & Concentration

Martial Arts builds focus and concentration so much! We often work on drills that improve both of these. Whether we are standing still in our Formal Stance, or doing concentration games while others are trying to distract them. Your child’s focus and concentration will soar with the martial arts!


In our classes we encourage our students to look each other, and authority figures, in the eye when speaking. Also, we encourage them to say “Yes ma’am”, “Yes sir”, “No ma’am” and “No sir”. Once they get used to this, they will begin using this kind of respect more and more frequently in their everyday lives. 

All of these benefits, and its fun too!


Martial Arts helps with these, and so much more! But I will tell you, there is no magic pill. Everything on this list takes time and commitment. But like anything worth investing your time in, you will see results. 


My son Elijah loves Impact! Brian is so patient with these kids and so good. Having a child with ADHD and borderline Aspergers this class has helped him come out of his shell some. Thanks for all you do! You can just see the excitement in these kids eyes when they are told "good job”!  -Cher C.



I feel that Riley has gained confidence and is much more aggressive toward meeting his goals. The leadership team at Impact Martial Arts is experienced, kind, passionate, and child focused. They make learning fun and making personal goals achievable for each student.  -Jason I.



Great people, great place to learn to defend oneself in this dangerous world we live in.  -Tia A.



We love Impact Martial Arts Academy! We've learned much more than just karate. We've learned self control, confidence, belonging, and self defense. I would tell everyone to join Impact Martial Arts if I could.  -Erica L.


Aren't Martial Arts classes expensive?

     We have packages that people on any budget can afford. Depending on your child's age and what package you choose, our prices start at only $29/month!



My child is very shy, what if they don't feel comfortable stepping in to class?

     Honestly, we see this all the time. We are very experienced helping shy kids come out of their shells. If your child is too shy to work with the other kids in the class, we will have one of our assistants work with them on the edge of the mat until they feel comfortable joining the class.



Will my child get hurt in martial arts classes? 

     Safety is our number on concern. We do everything with safety in mind. Statistics show that other sports i.e. baseball, football, soccer, etc. have more injuries than in martial arts classes.



My child is already really aggressive, won't martial arts make it worse?

     Actually, the opposite is true, martial arts helps with self control. They will be learning to kick and punch, but they will also learn when it is acceptable to use what they have learned. 



How many classes should we do per week?

     It is up to each individual and family, but the average student does class twice per week. Obviously, the more often you attend class, the quicker you will progress. 



It sounds great, but is there a way we can try it out before we sign up?

   Absolutely! In fact, we want you to try out classes for a week for FREE and see how much your child will love our martial arts classes!