Impact Martial Arts Online

When you can’t get your kids to a martial arts class, we bring the class to them.

Kids have energy to burn even when they get plenty of exercise. When they’re stuck at home or you can’t get them to a class, virtual martial arts classes for kids can provide the solution you need to keep them healthy and happy.


"Impact Martial Arts has certainly lived up to it's name and made a tremendous impact in our lives. What started out as mission to find an activity for our Son to be involved in has grown into something we train and cherish as a family. Karate helps us author a desire in our Family to lead Confident, Healthy, Active lives, and in the present circumstances we are in with the social distancing and quarantine it has meant all the more to us. The virtual classes they have been uploading online have been amazing. It has helped us stay in our routine, and not only maintain what we have learned but continue to grow. It doesn't take long to see how deeply they care about their students, and that same level of care is present in the virtual classes and will be waiting for you whether you are watching from your living room or walking in the front door of the Dojo. Great work from some outstanding people! I cannot recommend them enough."

                                                                                                                      -Melissa M.